What to Do with an Inherited House

Generally, there are three options to choose with an inherited house: live in it, rent it, or sell it, and deciding how to proceed can be overwhelming.

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What if Nobody Wants your Stuff?

The number of “family treasures” a person can collect over several decades can be overwhelming.  Outside of items you purchased, you also likely held onto gifts from weddings, birthdays, and milestone anniversaries.  These have been saved with good intentions to gift or bequeath them to children and grandchildren. The trouble is, in increasing numbers, heirs […]

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Tax Season Estate Planning

Why You Should Begin Estate Planning During Tax Season

Getting your financial and legal house in order is likely the last thing on your mind during tax season. However, starting is much easier than you think. In fact, now is a perfect time. Don’t hold this task off for later. Some careful thought and a little bit of work now can go a long way […]

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Estate Plan

New Baby? Time to Create Your Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is often pushed back on nearly everyone’s to-do list. The reasons you might be delaying vary from lack of time, not thinking you have enough assets, not knowing how to start, or fear of contemplating death. Whatever the reason, now is the time to meet with an estate planning attorney to […]

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How Long Should You Keep Important Documents?

In a society dominated by paperwork, the question of how long to hold on to important documents has been baffling for most people. We especially worry about documents of a financial or personally identifying nature. People who worry about losing something important sometimes hoard everything; others who worry about things like identity theft are too […]

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How to Proactively Include Rental Property in Your Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan should address all of your assets, including rental property. For most people, an estate plan must include three common categories: Your home Financial accounts (like your checking and savings account) Personal property. Other types of assets – such as life insurance, retirement funds, and annuities – should also be considered as […]

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Frequent Flyer Miles

Can You Bequeath Your Frequent Flyer Miles?

If you’re a frequent airline traveler, one of your estate planning concerns may be what will happen to your frequent flyer miles. They could be worth thousands of dollars, so you probably don’t want them to just disappear. The problem is that some airline policies say that’s exactly what will happen. The law doesn’t consider airline […]

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Save money

The Benefits of Creating a Trust to Manage Wealth

A trust offers several financial benefits and protections. Learn the fundamentals of setting one up, managing it, and understanding every aspect.

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New Opportunities Under Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

           Congress has just passed, and President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22, 2017. Although continued study of the bill will undoubtedly reveal additional opportunities we can share with you and your family, we wanted to provide some of our immediate impressions. Significant Changes to Business […]

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The Benefits of a Legal Assessment for a Company

Legal assessments are beneficial for corporations and small businesses to plan for the upcoming year, to review contracts, to assess risks and to make a plan for the future. Michael Cherewka of Cherewka Law provides an overview of the process in this video.

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